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We are Drs. Lauren and Tiffany,

the founders of

Synergy Fitness and Wellness Center, Inc

As Doctors' of Naturopathy , 
we serve local clients in the Greater Atlanta area

as well as virtual clients all over the world. 

Each of our individual experiences led us to discover the passion we have for holistic health within our community. We are honored to meet you where you are on your wellness journey. Our goal is to eliminate all of the confusion about what living a healthy lifestyle looks like by educating and empowering you to create a Generational Wellness Legacy for your family! We are here to help you do just that! Click below to schedule your first appointment today.

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Our Mission

Generational Wellness

Synergy Fitness & Wellness Center is a center where ancient and innovative wellness strategies coexist through sustainable programs which inspire individuals and families to achieve an empowered state of wholeness that influences generations.

Looking for Answers...

Not Sure Where to Begin?

This is the best place to start as it will give you an idea of where you are currently in your wellness journey and a clear picture of the next steps you should take. Gain access to our QUICK and FREE Wellness Assessment by clicking the link below!


How We Serve You

Our Services

Synergy is a Virtual Wellness Center dedicated to serving you on your path to whole health through a variety of different services. 
We serve local clients, as well as clients anywhere in the world. 
Our packages are tailored to help you get from where you are

to where you desire to be. We invite you to take a look!