Tiffany Flock

Doctor of Naturopathy

Dr. Tiffany is a long-time health enthusiast because she has overcome many health issues in her own life. The real and lasting changes in her own health journey (as well as what she has witnessed in others) have been accelerators into a passion for bringing people into wholeness.

Dr. Tiffany is a natural-born encourager, and loves to see her clients thrive as they drop pounds and bad habits. She is a home-fitness aficionado (Pure Barré is a personal favorite), organic to the core, and a fan of all things coconut. Her and her husband, Nathanael, are raising three beautiful and healthy girls, who are becoming wholeness advocates all their own. 

Lauren Moffatt

Doctor of Naturopathy

Dr. Lauren has yearned to see Generational Wellness in families all across the world. 

This is why she will educate and empower you with power-ful truths, give you a personalized  action plan, then walk you through how to apply that plan to your life. All the unanswered struggles that have you stuck in your health, not being able to move forward, will be a thing of the past!

Your life being transformed is Dr. Lauren's Top Priority. If RESULTS is what you want... RESULTS is what you will have "if" and only "if" you choose to take the responsibility, 

learn and apply. If you are READY, so is Dr. Lauren!

Nathanael Flock

Certified Personal Trainer

Nathanael has overcome a long list of debilitating health issues, like severe depression and chronic fatigue. In one season, Nathanael was forced to fight for his life - a perfect opportunity to become a certified personal trainer through ACE so that he could rebuild his body the right way. Now he builds practical and fun workouts for busy people and stretching protocols for those who want pain-free movement.

Nathanael is continuing his education as a Functional Training and Flexibility Specialist and stays in joyful pursuit of biblical studies and exercise science. You will often find him experimenting in the kitchen creating simple, delicious, and nutrient-dense recipes for meals and snacks.