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One Week

Plant Based Eating Challenge!*


(Registration closes March 19th, 2021)

March 22, 2021 - March 28, 2021

If you are considering making the move to a Plant-Based Diet, or you want to prepare for our upcoming Colon Cleanse Challenge, then you will want to sign up for Synergy’s One Week Plant-Based Eating Challenge.   You are probably asking why I should consider a plant-based diet, even for seven days. 

Well, the answer to that question is found in the research that has consistently proven the importance of giving our body a rest from eating meat.  

A plant-based diet can help your body by:

  • Increasing your energy level

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Decreasing inflammation

  • Blocking cravings and overeating

  • Reaching or maintaining a healthy weight

  • Lowering your risk for chronic diseases

What can you expect from our 7-day challenge?


  • You will be part of our unique, “Plant-Based Diet Challenge,” group that will allow you to share your journey with like-minded people with similar goals. 

  • You will have unlimited access to the group’s content for two weeks that will include, the sharing of recipes. 

  • In addition, you will be exposed to naturopathic guidance to help walk you through this challenge and encourage healthy eating , plus lifestyle changes that can be achieved through a Plant-Based Diet.

  • Your active participation in the group challenge will enter your name in our “FREE GIVEAWAY” opportunity.

  • You will be a part of a 30 min group coaching call led by  Dr. Tiffany.  (This is a $99-$175 value.)  

  • Your financial investment in this amazing opportunity to help create a better you is only $7 for 7 days…That is $1 a day to begin to feel great!  

Afterall, "Your health is an investment not an expense!"

Dr. Tiffany is excited about this opportunity to share with you the transformation she has witnessed in her own journey to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier family.


So, plan to join her March 22, 2021 through March 28, 2021 by signing up below, today!  See you in the group!

How committed are you to improve your Overall Health during the One Week Challenge?

Challenge Investment is $7

Pay Below

*Disclaimer: We are offering this to people who wish to participate to get healthy and fit . If you have ANY health concerns that we may not know about please consult your physician before starting any health or fitness challenges.



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