For an upgraded experience and the most transformative results

       "Elite" Health Coaching Program

These are for the individual who desires the most upgraded experience and the most transformative results. 

Our Elite Coaching Packages are by availability and application only. 

Please contact The Synergy Fitness & Wellness Team via email or by filling out the contact form on this page to learn more about how to apply for an Elite Coaching Packages. 



Our Health Model is Proactive, Not Reactive


At Synergy Fitness & Wellness Center, our naturopaths focus on finding the root cause of your problems. Our goal is to help you implement sustainable, long-term improvements to your health, providing you with long-lasting results.

When you decide to work with our team at Synergy Fitness & Wellness Center, you will get access to everything we have collectively learned from the world’s leading experts. Protocols  that we have used successfully with our clients around the world using our data driven approach of finding and addressing the root cause of specific conditions.


As an expert in our field, we get results by:

  • Focusing on optimizing whole health (not just on managing symptoms).

  • Running lab tests to identify where support is needed (not just guessing).

  • Working in a systematic way (in order of importance – based on your lab results)

  • Educating you on lifestyle modifications (not just medication, supplements, or food restrictions).

  • Self-empowering you to lead a healthy life (not just giving you advice).


We maintain connections with the world’s leading experts in the holistic health arena and will work in partnership with these experts, as needed. 

If this sounds like the approach you have been looking for, contact us to find more information on how to get started with us.


Local Packages  starting at $1270 

 (within 20 miles of area code 30045)

  • Health History Overview Consult 

  • Follow Up - Plan of Action

  • Awakening to Divine Health Course

  • Food Sensitivity Test or Another Test (from our approved list)

  • Supplement Recommendations (up to 10)

  • Eating Plan Guide

  • Grocery Shopping Experience (in person)

  • 8+ Consults

  • Add-ons Available


Virtual Packages starting at $1150

  • Health History Overview Consult

  • Follow Up - Plan of Action

  • Awakening to Divine Health Course

  • Food Sensitivity Test or Another Test (from our approved list)

  • Supplement Recommendations (up to 10)

  • Eating Plan Guide

  • Grocery Shopping Experience Recordings (Sprouts, Kroger, Costco)

  • 8+ Consults

  • Discounted Add-ons Available



  • Home Makeover Experience (Virtual or In Person )

  • Additional Virtual Consults (if needed)

  • Professional Detox Coaching  

  • Concierge Services 

  • Additional Referrals 

“The Synergy Fitness & Wellness Team has been such a great resource to my family & I! I can always contact them about any health related issue and they have such a vast wealth of knowledge that always amazes me. They patiently listen to any problem or issue presented and offer the best advice and resources that prove to be helpful and healthful.” ~ Veronica D.


Awakening to
Divine Health

This is a self-paced course 

that delivers the essentials for an abundant life. If you're new to us


Request an

You have the ability to request and reserve an appointment with Dr. Lauren or Dr. Tiffany. 
This is a great place to start!


This is an upgraded experience for those that desire the most transformative results. 
By application only.

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