What is a Doctor of Naturopathy?

Updated: Jan 27

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In this article we're excited to share with you what a Doctor of Naturopathy is (and what we do).

What is a Doctor of Naturopathy?

If you clicked to read this article, then you might think this is some new health trend.

Don’t worry: Naturopathy is not a trend, and it is definitely not new. In fact, Naturopathy has been around since before your family home remedy book was written. It has been known for a very long time as a “system of drugless healing.”(1)

Naturopathy is all about using natural remedies to strengthen and help the body heal itself.

Naturopathy focuses on what is provided by the Creator through creation rather than what is made by man in a lab. Before surgery and synthetic isolation of chemical substances, there was another viable solution.

For many years, certain foods, water, and whole herbs have been used by different cultures for a wide range of problems. You might say that Doctors of Naturopathy focus on restoring people back to God’s original intent for health and wellness, and it is once again becoming an increasingly sought-after healing plan.

Naturopathy isn’t just about dealing with current symptoms and ailments - it’s also about prevention. Naturopaths believe that the body can heal itself naturally and that prevention is the best cure. It’s not hard to find testimonies in books, magazines, blogs and vlogs alike with the same story: if you feed your body what it needs, it is able to do what it’s supposed to do - and thrive.

Naturopaths deal and work with the root causes of ailments. Doctors of Naturopathy believe symptoms should be listened to, not silenced. Symptoms are like a ring tone on your phone - if you turn them off you’re going to eventually miss a really important call. In this case, the call could be something like overcoming pains, sensitivities to foods, lacking energy, brian fog, ailments, and diseases. While that may sound like it could be a complicated process, Naturopathy believes in keeping it simple: identify the cause, support the systems, and maintain a wellness lifestyle so that your health may continue to improve.

Doctors of Naturopathy believe health and wholeness come relationally. Naturopaths are facilitators and coaches that come alongside those who are looking to better their health. This type of wellness plan works best for those who are ready to make changes and take responsibility for their health.

A Doctor of Naturopathy does not prescribe treatments for disease; they educate (the word doctor means teacher) and inform their clients about a natural approach to wellness. Picture a cheerleader, a teacher, and a coach all wrapped into one profession, using natural modalities such as nutrition and homeopathy to support and strengthen the body. Since nobody (and “no body”) is the same, Naturopaths must be relational and intentional because they do not believe everyone with the same problem will benefit with the same solution.

Naturopathy isn’t a one-stop-shop for every ailment and issue, but it is a unique paradigm in the modern healthcare system. With Naturopathy, the individual must be ready to take the exciting and rewarding journey of learning and investing in their own health. That might be one of the most rewarding things for the Naturopath as well: to see someone taking responsibility and get in the driver's seat of their health, and ultimately see the beneficial results that others around the world have already experienced.

If this sounds like something you are ready for, feel free to take your "Free Wellness Quiz" we have provided for you to jump start your wellness journey!

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