Why Professional Detox?

Updated: Jan 27

A 40-pound colon! Oh my!

Today, Dr. Tiffany discusses the autopsy report from John Wayne’s death. It is said he had a 40-pound colon when he died. Could he have lived longer if he would have spent time detoxing his colon? It’s quite possible.

A detox, simply put, is removing toxins from the body. It’s important to detox your organs annually sometime in the months of March and October. Why March through October? the detox system we use at Synergy FWC uses supplements and food to activate detox. The food needed for the detox is more readily available during those months. For instance, watermelon with seeds is good to help the liver detox. Cool, huh?

At Synergy FWC, we have a simple individual organ detox system that will help you feel more energy, lose stubborn weight, have better brain focus, and so much more. Our detox system allows you to continue going about life as you detox.

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