Thyroid assessments can be essential to unraveling complicated endocrine cases. We offer an advance thyroid panel that looks at the complete whole picture of the fuction of the thyroid.  


Individal Thyroid Hormones that will be tested:


TSH  is the marker most commonly used in conventional medicine to evaluate thyroid activity. However, TSH levels do not always accurately reflect fuction.


Total T3  is an accurate measure of the sum of Free T3 and T3 that is bound to thyroid binding globulin.


Total T4  is an accurate measure of the sum of Free T4 and T4 that is bound to thyroid binding globulin.


Free T3  measures only the active hormone that is unbound by thyroid binding globulin and as such may be a more useful measure of thyroid function than Total T3.


Free T4  measures only the active hormone that is unbound by thyroid binding globulin and as such may be a more useful measure of thyroid function than Total T4.


Reverse T3  is essential to complete thyroid work-up because of it's key role in thyroid hypofunction. RT3 is a thyroid hormone recepter blocker and as such, may increase symptoms of hypothyroidism if elevated. 


TAB (Thyroid Antibodies) Elevated thyroid antibodies can reveal an underlying autoimmune process which may be central to thyroid pathology. This test includes antibodies to thyroid peroxidase Anti-TPO and thyroglobulin Anti-TG.


Advanced Thyroid Panel


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