Function: This panel will give you the most comprehensive genetic report with actionable steps. Specifically looking at the methylation and neurotransmitter pathways that create physiological changes in the expression of individual wellness. Our Function Panel tests for 80 different genetic variations that influence every aspect of your health.  Using a simple and non-invasive cheek swab, this is the safest, most comprehensive, and most affordable test on the market.


You will receive a detailed report that will help you understand more about every aspect of your health, including the following:


  • Stress and how your body responds (fight-or-flight)

  • Antioxidant production and recycling in the body of (Glutathione)

  • Detoxification process for hormones, chemicals, and heavy metals

  • Response to inflammatory stimuli

  • Genetic expression and the repair of your DNA

  • Neurotransmitters and the balancing of brain chemistry

  • Energy and overall production

  • The repair of cells damaged by free radicals

  • This test contains MTHFR, COMT, CBS, MAOA, and many more methylation SNPs

Genetic Testing (Function)

$299.00 Regular Price
$224.25Sale Price

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