The Health Stage is for those who may have adopted some healthy habits, but they are still in progress. Previous ailments and symptoms might be fading, which leads to a rise in hope. It’s normal to begin to experience a measure of relief, which leads to either a settling or a building of momentum towards Wellness.

Don't Stop... Keep Moving Forward!


We are HERE and READY to support you on your journey

with the recommendations below:


Every good builder knows this to be true: Foundation, foundation, foundation. Building a new health legacy starts now, and the foundations are simple, but crucial. Our Team has compiled a practical health course to set you on a course for success - since it is a self paced course you can watch whenever and wherever. It’s never been easier or clearer to build a new health future. After all, who would want to live in a house with no foundation?


Awakening To Divine Health Course is your best starting point to begin building a firm foundation in your overall health.

  • Use the limited time HALF OFF coupon code you received via email to this purchase this course.

  • We highly suggest watching one session per month and focus on implementing the principles taught in that session before moving on to the next session.


Feel free to immediately take advantage of the reward for taking this assessment. We are honored to be a part of your victory story and ready to assist you! To purchase this Health Course CLICK HERE.


The human body has a lot of needs, so it’s important to make sure your body is receiving the essentials. Our bodies are brilliantly designed with specific needs, and we need all the help we can get while living in a polluted and rapidly-changing world. The sad thing is that the majority of our food supply has been depleted of nutrients and it is almost impossible to receive what is needed for the human body through food alone, especially when it is in the negative zone.

Everyone’s body is wanting a peaceful balance, so we only work with high-quality, bio-available (your body knows it’s real), non GMO supplements. Our Team has personally used these products to ensure your family only gets the BEST of the BEST.


Won’t it be nice to feel the difference?

  • We recommend starting with a high quality, bio-available, 100% non-GMO multivitamin and non-fish sourced omega fatty-acid. If you need an easy reference for our favorites, check them out HERE

  • We also have a very informative vlog that will give you more in-depth advice when choosing your supplementation. Check it out HERE.




Sometimes we aren’t just held back by an occasional symptom or seasonal allergy, it can be habits and lifestyles holding us back as well. We know how daunting it can be to take on lifestyle changes, so we’re happy to help make this a smooth transition for you!


After many years of research, trials, and testimonies, we are confident that life-giving change is possible when you have the right support system in place.

Our Team of  Naturopaths are the kind of friends we all would want in our corner! We don’t just give a cookie-cutter list, we provide an informed and personalized plan of action. We understand the struggles and the walls that come along this health journey. Then add in a dose of confusion from all of the conflicting information with trends and “discoveries” on the internet, and that is enough to frustrate or confuse anyone!

How can we help you leap into a new beginning?

If you are ready to break past the walls and plateaus, we can help. Feel free to schedule your Naturopathic Consultation today HERE .




Nutrition is Key! You don’t need to feel overwhelmed at any point in this journey. You can implement simple, measurable goals with our team of Natural Health Professionals - goals like making healthier choices in your nutrition.

You’ve probably heard the term, “You are what you eat”, but it is likely that those words alone didn’t impact you enough to make better food choices. We understand - that’s why we have more than just idioms. We have Research and Recipes! Food is central to life, and so we keep nutrition and food information always on the table (pun intended). If you are what you eat, then what will you be tomorrow if you start eating more wisely today?

Here are some quick, simple ideas and suggestions to start with:

  • Begin implementing more whole non-GMO foods into your diet today. Use this guide while shopping for fresh produce.

  • While you’re shopping, look for the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label on packaged/processed food items to ensure you are not consuming genetically modified ingredients. More info on this HERE

  • Learn more about why GMO Foods are harmful in our FREE Online Community HERE​​

  • Follow the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen recommendations in this BLOG

  • Cut your fast food consumption down to only one day a week, and eventually to none at all! It is possible. We BELIEVE in you!


Start Implementing Sleep Hygiene! Your body is working hard, even when you are hardly working. In rest and sleep, your body is still rebuilding, cleansing, restoring, and preparing for another day of being upright. That kind of nightly repair is a necessity for your body - and every body. We have seen first-hand the comeback someone can make when their body has time to properly and deeply rest.

What if a good night’s sleep wasn’t just possible, but your new routine and new normal? 

Sleep is another cornerstone of the foundation, and you should be getting eight hours of quality sleep each night.

This may seem like a struggle for you, so try to implement these quick tips to see if it helps you get more of a restful night sleep:

  • During sunrise & sunset walk outside bare foot and place your feet on the grass (just make sure it is not concrete slab)

  • Stand facing the sun (as it rises and sets) on the grass/ground for about 10 mins then you can go on about your day/evening. This exercise will help to reset your wake/sleep cycles to help you receive a better night's sleep.

  • Take some time to watch our vlog on Sleep Hygiene will be very helpful in helping you get more quality sleep. CLICK HERE


Join Synergy’s Online Community!  FREE resource is waiting for you in our private online community! You will find encouragement, guidance, practical tips, and connection with like-minded people (like you) making this real. We have created an intimate place for you to be candid, authentic, heard, celebrated, and encouraged.


Family’s grow communities, and we are excited for your family to join ours. Remember, even illness can become wellness if “I” becomes “We”! Who would ever want to do this journey of life alone?

After joining the group,  share one of the tips you received from this Health Assessment, that you plan to implement right away.


We would love to hear so we can continue to encourage you as you take your next step forward! 


Request Access HERE  *Please Note* there are a few membership questions that need to be answered to gain access to our online community group. Please answer them for a smooth transition into the group. Thank you!

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