In the Wholeness Stage you are experiencing the best sleep, the best mind clarity, constant energy and productivity and much more. This is the ultimate expression of the “Abundant Life” that God intends for you to experience on a daily basis. When someone achieves wholeness in their lives, it affects others around them for the better. This represents a life that thrives in God’s original design.

We are extremely proud of you and our goal is to support you as you continue to walk in Wholeness !


We are HERE and READY to support you on your journey

with the recommendations below:


Every good builder knows this to be true: Foundation, foundation, foundation. It seems you have a good foundation - way to go! Now is the time to build beyond the foundation - into a health legacy.


Our Team has compiled a self- paced practical health course to assist you on a course for success - you can watch whenever and wherever. It’s never been easier or clearer to continue beyond a strong foundation into new heights of abundant life. 


Wholeness keeps us going from glory to glory, so are you ready to break beyond the plateaus you are on?


Awakening To Divine Health Course is a plunge into the many facets of our end goal: Continual wholeness.

  • Use the limited time HALF OFF coupon code you received via email to this purchase this course.

  • We suggest watching two to three sessions per month and focus on implementing the principles taught in that session before moving on to the next session. 


Feel free to immediately take advantage of the reward for taking this assessment. We are honored to be a part of your victory story and ready to assist you! To purchase this Health Course CLICK HERE.


The human body has a lot of needs, so it’s important to make sure your body is receiving the essentials. Our bodies are brilliantly designed with specific needs, and we need all the help we can get while living in a polluted and rapidly-changing world. The sad thing is that the majority of our food supply has been depleted of nutrients and it is almost impossible to receive what is needed for the human body through food alone, especially when it is in the negative zone.

Everyone’s body is wanting a peaceful balance, so we only work with high-quality, bio-available (your body knows it’s real), non GMO supplements. Our Team has personally uses these products to ensure your family only gets the BEST of the BEST.


Won’t it be nice to feel the difference? The human body has a lot of needs, so lets make sure your body is receiving your specific needs.

  • Continue into wholeness with a high quality, bio-available, 100% non-GMO multivitamin and plant based omega fatty-acid. If you need an easy reference for our favorites, check them out HERE

  • We also have a very informative article that will give you more in-depth insight when selecting your supplementation. Check it out HERE.



Like supplements, there is no “one size fits all” approach that works. We are all on unique journeys. Regardless of how many years we have been investing in our health, we all need help from a community of experts who eat, sleep, and dream all things health, wellness & wholeness. We do know that wholeness is only achieved and continued with a wise plan. 


Our Health Practitioners/ Naturopaths carefully tailor a personalized plan of action to help keep you safe, informed, focused, and accountable. With a friend like them on your team, imagine what you can accomplish in the next year!


What health barrier are you ready to take down right now?


Individual organ and system detox is highly recommended on a yearly basis. Have you ever completed a detox at the professional level before? The reason we ask is because most people do not know what this consists of. 


Our Health Practitioners use a holistic approach to cleanse individual organs to remove toxins that lower our defense mechanisms that helps us overcome dis-ease. Our approach has helped people feel “lighter” with clearer minds, increase energy and as an added bonus: shed those extra, lingering pounds.


Small group or one-on-one professional detox support is available and will be personalized to fit your needs.

Are you Ready? If so we can help. Feel free to inquire about our Professional Detox Program by contacting us  today CLICK HERE .



The Nutrition you Absorb is Key! You’ve probably heard the term, “You are what you eat”, but it is likely that those words alone didn’t impact you enough to make better food choices. We understand - that’s why we have more than just idioms. We have research and recipes!


Food is central to life, and traditionally has been used to heal the body so we keep nutrition and food information always on the table (pun intended). It’s easy to get in a boring cycle of the same food, so our team can help keep things fresh ! As it was also once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” so what can we help you get cooking today?

To reach the Wholeness Stage, you must be already putting in the work - Way to Go!

  • If you haven’t already,  we recommend increasing to 95% organic food intake.

  • Also consider implementing intermittent fasting to experience the benefits of a balanced body and creating a healing atmosphere within you body. Intermittent fasting is a great way to create physical conditions that are favorable for maintaining wholeness and a strong and resilient immune system!

  • Learn More on how you can start implementing Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle and the importance of fasting for the human body. 


Start Implementing Sleep Hygiene! Your body is working hard, even when you are hardly working. In rest and sleep, your body is still rebuilding, cleansing, restoring, and preparing for another day of being upright. That kind of nightly repair is a necessity for your body - and every body. We have seen first-hand the comeback someone can make when their body has time to properly and deeply rest.

What if a good night’s sleep wasn’t just possible, but your new routine and new normal?

Sleep isn’t just a break for your conscious thoughts or a waste of time, it’s a time of daily repair that your body needs!


We have some practical tips you can do every day to work towards that goal and reset your body clock:

Here are some simple steps for your evening to enhance your shuteye:

  • Practice “grounding” before bed (bare feet in grass) and face the sunset.

  • Gently stretch the muscles that were used the most during the day before bed.

  • Turn your computer and cell phone off two hours before bed and attempt to get to sleep before 10pm (your body experiences the most healing rest starting at that time).

  • End your day with forgiving anyone who has hurt or wronged you, and for being grateful for the blessings you have. Gratefulness journaling is highly encouraged at Synergy. We suggest using this journal to help get you started.

  • Read the bible and take communion! - learn more about the breakthroughs that are possible through communion HERE.

  • Get eight hours  of sleep or more each night. This means setting a schedule and sticking to it.

  • Learn more about nightly Sleep Hygiene Routine that can increase the amount of deep and healing sleep you can receive each night - HERE.



Join Synergy’s Online Community!  FREE resource is waiting for you in our private online community! You will find encouragement, guidance, practical tips, and connection with like-minded people (like you) making this real. We have created an intimate place for you to be candid, authentic, heard, celebrated, and encouraged.


Family’s grow communities, and we are excited for your family to join ours. Remember, even illness can become wellness if “I” becomes “We”! Who would ever want to do this journey of life alone?

If someone has enough forced will on their own, they can achieve a lot. But why would anyone want to do this alone? We have seen (and experienced) the power of community and how it can accelerate wholeness.


Come and introduce yourself and share one of the tips you received from this Wellness Assessment, that you plan to implement right away.


We would love to hear so we can continue to encourage you as you take your next step forward! 


Request Access HERE  *Please Note* there are a few membership questions that need to be answered to gain access to our online community group. Please answer them for a smooth transition into the group. Thank you!

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Synergy is a “togetherness” that produces something far greater than what we could’ve done on our own.


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*DISCLAIMER: The information Synergy Fitness & Wellness Center provides is not intended to replace a one on one relationship with your primary healthcare provider. All information Synergy Fitness & Wellness Center provides is NOT intended as medical advice but rather sharing decades of education, knowledge, experience, training and research.